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Agricultural and Construction Equipment

We are partnered with several suppliers and provide used equipment. Send us an email with what you are looking for and The Soleau Group will try to find it for you!

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Spare Parts

Our Company provides genuine John Deere™ (ag. and industrial) spare parts. The Soleau Group offers generic parts for Case™ and John Deere™ sugar cane harvesters.


Diagnostics Tool

The Soleau Group is also a distributor of Jaltest diagnostics tools (Trucks, Trailers, Ag and Construction vehicles, Buses and light commercial vehicles)

Container Ship

Pratco™ Parts

The Soleau Group is the exclusive distributor of Pratco™ sugar cane harvester blades for North, West and Central Africa. Pratco™ products are compatible with John Deere™ and Case™ sugar cane harvesters.

Loading Grain into Mixer


Whether you want to plow, dig or spread, The Soleau Group has got you covered. We have a large range of implements that we can offer


The Soleau Group offers complete logistics solutions. We can coordinate inland and ocean freight for large equipment as well as shipments by air, sea, or ground for spare parts.

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